Favourite ol’ sweater

One of the best things to have is a favourite sweater.

To everyone else, it is just another sweater; perhaps even to you too. But once you pull it over your head, it fits you perfectly. The sweater is knitted together in a symmetrical pattern of a nice shade of blue yarn. It is slightly loose-fitted: it does not hug you tight but neither it is too baggy to make you look sloppy. The sleeves ends perfectly right at the end of your wrists, enough for you to tug it slightly over the palms of your hand for when it gets a little too chilly. The smell of the lavender fabric softener that lingers after each tumble dry gives you the exquisite comfort that you are familiar with.

The threads of the yarn loosens up and the sweater gets a little more worn out after every wash. After a while you no longer wear it out, and you start wearing it to lounge around at the comfort of your home. But somehow, someday you will have to say goodbye to the familiarity that it gives you. Someday, its time span will end there and then, looking too tacky.

Make way for new sweaters with new prints, wonderful designs and pretty colors; let another sweater catch your attention. Let it encapsulate you and keep you warm. Let it make you feel comfortable. Let it make it your new favourite.

Note to self: lose that old sweater.  

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