Well, here we meet again

I have been struggling to keep a blog for the last 3 years; there is just no consistency in keeping up with writing (which is explained by my procrastination and being too laid-back. Hah). I was almost always embarrassed to publish what I write, hence shutting down my previous blogs. But after all that has happened in 2014, I discovered that writing can be very therapeutic. It’s more than just quality writing and all, but most importantly it’s about penning down thoughts onto somewhere other than going on Twitter rants. I spent the second half of last year to get this up and running again, and today I feel ready to publish it and undo the private settings.

So here’s to keeping up with this blog. Here’s to publishing more of my ‘eureka moments’ poetry. On top of it all, here’s to writing. 🙂



“So where do we go from here?”
“… I don’t know.”

I sat with my legs crossed on the corner of the bed, leaning onto the bed frame. The room seems unfamiliar; perhaps this is your room in a new city, or a room that we share. I look out the large glass window, staring at the pedestrians on the sidewalk and the crawling night traffic. Feeling my head getting heavier by the minute, I lay on the bed and rest my head on the pillow. You coaxed me to talk, but all I could do was to turn away from you and remain motionless. I hear you let out a sigh, one that you particularly do whenever I get you worried or whenever I make things difficult. 

“Lay down with me, just for a while now.” 

For the longest time that I can remember, we lay beside each other with silence as the only barrier in between us. You reached out to grab my left hand and clasped tight. As I remained numb, I soaked in each passing minute of the moment, knowing that it is possibly the last time that I feel you pressed up close against me.

I woke up dazed, my mind tangled between the last bits of the dream and reality. I hate the feeling that I get when I wake up from a dream that leaves me wanting for more answers. They say that your dreams reflect your subconscious thoughts, and this subconscious thought has been reflected for a tantamount time in my dreams for quite a while.

I will settle with this answer for now.

Quarter after one




I am writing this as I lay on my friend’s couch, too buzzed from the drinking game we just finished (well, you know who’s the biggest loser of the night now. Hahaha). But enough about my very tipsy stage; I have to blog about this thought in case I forget about it by the time the I wake up:


An important lesson that I took away from watching How I Met Your Mother is that nothing good happens after 2AM. Tonight, the lesson was absolutely spot on and the drunk texting… oh boy, that topped it off perfectly. (Shit, I am so gonna regret those texts in the morning. But whatever – at least they reflect my thoughts, raw and unfiltered. TouchĂ©.)


Happy New Year, everyone!


P.S. Lady Antebellum’s ‘Need You Know’ was playing repeatedly in my head, hence the Snapchat. LOL.