Quarter after one




I am writing this as I lay on my friend’s couch, too buzzed from the drinking game we just finished (well, you know who’s the biggest loser of the night now. Hahaha). But enough about my very tipsy stage; I have to blog about this thought in case I forget about it by the time the I wake up:


An important lesson that I took away from watching How I Met Your Mother is that nothing good happens after 2AM. Tonight, the lesson was absolutely spot on and the drunk texting… oh boy, that topped it off perfectly. (Shit, I am so gonna regret those texts in the morning. But whatever – at least they reflect my thoughts, raw and unfiltered. Touché.)


Happy New Year, everyone!


P.S. Lady Antebellum’s ‘Need You Know’ was playing repeatedly in my head, hence the Snapchat. LOL.


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