3954.41 miles

Half past 5AM, I am still wide awake without the aid of caffeine. My lifetime best friend is all packed up and ready to go to the airport. 17 hours to go. I find myself unable to write a letter for days now, one that I personally do for people who mean a lot to me when they go abroad. I suppose this is a better solution. So here’s an open letter to you, dear sister.

Hey, you silly lamb!

As difficult as it was for you to write me a goodbye letter when I left, I find myself struggling with words to pen down right now. The contents may be a little out of place due to the lack of sleep, but I will try to keep a good flow of it yeah?

On this day 17 months ago, I was the one packing and sleeping on my own bed for the last time before leaving home for Liverpool. Now you’re the one with packed up luggages in your room and sleeping in the comforts of your bed for the very last night. You’re all packed up for a year of adventures in the land down under! I am so happy and optimistic for you (yes, despite my grunts of excitement while you hugged me so tightly by my neck every time) as you embark on the next big adventure of your university life. You have made Mummy, Faddy and I very proud of you with your achievements; we are so glad that you are excelling in doing what you love. I am excited for the adventures that you will have, the place that you will go to and the people that you will meet in Melbourne.

I can never stop telling you how proud I am of you for acing your exams every semester and getting decent grades. Like what I’ve told you time and time again, this is a lifetime opportunity to look forward to. Going abroad and experiencing the student life will only get better from here. It is time to broaden your horizons and enlarge your circle of friends. I trust that you will have a good company of friends that will make your time in Melbourne enjoyable. You do things with so much of passion: from writing to photography to preparing meals to checking up on me to looking after Benji and Dilly. It is very rare thing because it shows how dedicated you are even towards the smallest things, and you don’t even lose a speck of it.  Keep the passion burning; don’t you ever lose this wonderful quality that you have. Don’t look at your personality as mere weaknesses. Being emotional / emotionally attached is not such a bad thing; it shows that you are compassionate and understanding, making it easy and comfortable for people to trust you. Appreciate every aspect of your personality, for they make who you are.

I have never mentioned this, but I foresee many lonely months ahead. It is not the generic kind of loneliness, mind you; this is different. I am not quite sure how to put words to describe this. But you don’t have to worry about me. The bunch will be a great support system and I am sure they will never let me feel lonely, let alone be alone. Similarly, when you have lonely days and you need someone to turn to, you know who you can count on. We are all going to be here for you no matter what time of the day, no matter what it is. Remember of the people who loves you back home: Mummy, Faddy, Grandma, relatives, the bunch, friends and me. We are always supporting you and always looking out for you.

No doubt that I will miss you, Lambs. You are my sister, my best friend, my lifeline; it is a spot that no one can fill. I’ll miss the times when you held up the car keys asking me to drive you to McDonald’s to get fries and ice cream. I’ll miss having you barging into my room gushing about new episodes of TV shows and new YouTube videos. I’ll miss hearing stories about your day. I’ll miss your enthusiasm whenever I come home from classes. I’ll miss having trivial fights and squabbles over petty, silly things with you. I’ll miss fighting over the last box of Milo in the fridge with you. Sigh, I am gonna miss every minuscule piece of you. But let’s look at it from another perspective. A second time of our long distance relationship isn’t all that bad. Despite being temporarily separated, we both know that we will never grow apart.We will appreciate each other more than we ever did and nothing can come between us. I will learn how to be independent without you, and you without me.  We got this, Lambs. ❤

Lose yourself a little to enjoy the moment, but don’t ever lose yourself completely.
Guard your heart, but don’t be too uptight to not let anyone in.
Do what you know is right and stick to your principles.
Trust that you made the best decisions for yourself.

Stick strong, Lambs. Work hard towards your dreams of graduating with First Class! Don’t you ever undermine your abilities to do well okay? But always bear in mind that no matter what, I am always proud of you. Look after yourself, be safe and expect me bombarding you with messages and Skype calls! I love you, my dear sister.

With all my love,
Jie ❤



The last few days had been nothing but a streak of good days. The good-day streak reached its peak today, bringing exciting news to me in the afternoon. I thank my lucky stars for returning the phone call of an unknown number, because I am usually not bothered to.

So here’s the good news: I am offered by one of the nation’s top law firm to apply for their pupillage position! I was in utter disbelief to hear the person on the other line uttering the name of the firm when I returned the call; this was something way out of my expectation.

I just had to share the good news – friends whom I shared the good news with showered me with heartfelt congratulatory wishes, and they couldn’t be happier for me. Friends, I am eternally grateful for cheering me on for everything that I do :’)

“I am so proud of you”, you’d say.

I wish you could see me now.