The last few days had been nothing but a streak of good days. The good-day streak reached its peak today, bringing exciting news to me in the afternoon. I thank my lucky stars for returning the phone call of an unknown number, because I am usually not bothered to.

So here’s the good news: I am offered by one of the nation’s top law firm to apply for their pupillage position! I was in utter disbelief to hear the person on the other line uttering the name of the firm when I returned the call; this was something way out of my expectation.

I just had to share the good news – friends whom I shared the good news with showered me with heartfelt congratulatory wishes, and they couldn’t be happier for me. Friends, I am eternally grateful for cheering me on for everything that I do :’)

“I am so proud of you”, you’d say.

I wish you could see me now.


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