Reminder: tragedy can and will be triumph

“I am so thankful to have you in my life.”

“It makes me really upset when I hear you say that. Because I know that you can get so much more out of this, or from someone else. But instead, you’re so incredibly happy right now.”

“No, don’t. My happiness is my choice, and I choose you.”

It is truly agonising and ruthless that you are not as important to someone as how they are to you. It will come to a point someday where you will realise that you should focus on the people who care for you as much as you for them, giving you all the love unconditionally without a hint of expectation of the same. You’d see yourself foolishly in denial of trying to make someone realise the efforts that you are putting in. But do note that this does not lessen or stop you from loving them: you still do; just that this time, you’d shift your focus to others who are now more worthy of your love.

Most of all, you can’t quite thank someone for the memories and more importantly, the life lessons that they bring with their presence, over and above the impact and the duration of time. Someday, this tragedy will be triumph.

“No one can take our memories from us, remember that. It is for us to keep.”

Thanks for the memories, H.

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