Resolution, checked.

You know what they say about New Year’s resolution and how nobody sticks to fulfil them? Yeah, I am one of those people who makes resolutions in the first few minutes of the new year (whether tipsy or sober), but I barely check off my resolutions by the end of the year.

So I stopped making resolutions, because it dawned to me the only reasons that kept me in the loop to make resolutions are 1) to jump onto the bandwagon to ‘improve yourself by making a list of New Year resolutions’, sans the intention and effort to make them happen, and 2) because it sounds like I got my shit together.

The only resolution that remains is to be a better person. It’s the simplest yet the toughest resolution, one that has no prescribed timeframe to check off the list. I do see subtle changes in myself every year in different aspects: in the last year, I became more independent than before not because of the fact that I was living abroad, but because I see how important it is to be able to rely on yourself despite having people that you can count on.

I think I am seeing how I am trying (and succeeding!) to be better this year. It became apparent to me about how driven I have been this year, particularly in the last two months.

If you know me well enough, you’d know that I am the epitome of sloths; I’d not give two f*cks to do even the simplest of tasks. I’d justify with ten million reasons just so that I wouldn’t have to make my bed. I’d say “there is always tomorrow” and put off exercising.

Mum told me this one evening, when I was (reluctantly) helping her to cook dinner: “Jie, you are not so lazy since you got back from the UK. Very good, I like that.”

It then dawned to me how it is that simple to actually get things done: all you need is to put your mind to it with some conscious effort to get the work done. Simple. I fell into a routine (something that I have never done before, considering how utterly disorganised I am) of cooking meals instead of having takeouts, doing the laundry, studying and working out.

I like my new routine.
I like how motivated I’ve become.
I like this good feeling.

Who says that resolutions made at the beginning of every year would not work? They do, if you put the work to them. 🙂
Here’s to a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Resolution, checked.

  1. Congratulations, you’re an adult now! *pops confetti* I kid, I kid. I’m equally proud of you. Your lazy days might just be over. Can’t wait to be home and not have anything to do because you’ll do it naturally.

    (Jokes aside, I’m missing you and everyone home heaps <3)

    • I beg to differ, lambs. It wouldn’t be EXACTLY accurate to say that I am an adult now (despite the legal age crap), but one thing for sure is that I have reached a certain level of maturity in the past year! I believe there’s still that lazy bone somewhere in me HAHAHAH.

      (Come home soon; no one is fighting to use the bathroom with me.)

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