The post-graduate life, the space in between an undergraduate student and a working adult, is a mere grandiose facade.



Wake up-eat-study-cook meals-eat-study-work out-eat-study-sleep. 

It is a simple repetition of this routine on a weekday basis, followed by long hours of revision classes on the weekends to wrap up the week.

It has been 8 weeks, so what is another 6 weeks of the cycle?

… Except that I am starting to feel the burnout and the underlying exhaustion alongside the escalating stress and fear of screwing up in the examination.

“You hang in there, do whatever you’re supposed to be doing and block away the bullshit that does you no good. You already got your shit together so you’re not going to screw this up. You got this.”

Oh God, grant me the strength to pull through another seven weeks until the exams.

“I don’t usually do this for students, but I think you guys have to hear it from me.

Now, I  know that a lot of people don’t take me seriously when I say certain things. But what I want you to know, something that I have told you guys before, is that you are all here because of a divine calling. Not many people are as fortunate to be given the opportunity to graduate with a Law degree and to be here to take the CLP exam. So now that you are all here, it is something – it is a divine calling.

‘Forget Everything And Run’


‘Face Everything And Rise’

If I were you, I’d choose the latter and overcome the fear.

The next seven weeks is crucial, and you have seven weeks to change your future. All you need to do is to pass the exam to cross over to the other side. Remember: you are given this opportunity, so do not screw this up, not when this is in your hands.

I hope to see you on the other side.”

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