Of random things in a list

1) I am starting to grow fond of this little space of mine on the Internet. I like how this has become my new comfort zone. ❤

2) I miss the gang, even more so after the mid-week mini reunion earlier tonight. I can’t wait for the next huge reunion with the whole gang! :’)

3) Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ has been on repeat on my Spotify playlist for the last 24 hours. (Please do not ask me why and do not judge me…)

4) Dad is taking the father-daughter bonding session up to the next level by attempting to do workouts with me (MAJOR ‘AWWWWW’ MOMENT). Conclusion: we got sidetracked instead, bursting out laughing at how his feet are never coordinated! Also, he did not even begin with the workout.

5) 27 days to CLP exams. ASDFGHJKL SHIT.

6) Procrastination kicks in every now and then, especially so when I am backtracked on my revision schedule for the day (UGHHH). Yes, you’re reading it right: I am actually studying according to a schedule. HAH.

7) Anytime is tuna pasta salad time!


2 thoughts on “Of random things in a list

  1. I love this space! Your writings find words at its simplest form, yet you make them so meaningful. :’) Almost every post I read here hits home, giving me all sorts of feelings so much so that I wish you were just next door and I could just come over to give you my signature take-your-breath-away hugs. ❤

    Honestly, I can't imagine the fat bear asking you to teach him your workout regimes! Ah, why do such momentous things happen when I'm not around to witness it? HAHAHAHA.

    • ❤ ❤ ❤

      HAHAHA. Oh fats, there are so many momentous things that are happening; the parents are unexpectedly keeping me entertained! (Missing you heaps though 😦 )

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