Hennessy 250th Anniversary dinner


The parents scored me an invitation to yet another dinner event by Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Maison Hennessy, the iconic cognac house created by Richard Hennessy. In conjunction with the celebration, a limited edition blend was released to mark such a milestone. The Hennessy 250 Collector Blend is a special blend, matured in 250 handcrafted barrels before being bottled in collector decanters. (Sadly, we missed out on getting a taste of the fine cognac due to the horrible after-work traffic. Meh.)


A custom-designed swirly metal sculpture resembling an oak cast used to age the cognac highlights the event.

The collection of cognacs encased in the centre of the art piece.


In terms of food pairing, cognac (or brandy) is commonly paired with Asian cuisines. Cognacs are more niche in comparison with wine, yet they can be paired with different types of food. I still stand by my conclusion that cognac is not my cup of tea; I have a long way to learn the art of appreciating powerful, rich flavours in liquor.




The cognac of choice for the dinner was the Hennessy X.O., thus the food on the menu were selected to match the richness of its candied fruit flavour with subtly light spicy hints. Chinese food was pretty much the ideal choice, simply because of the vast bursting flavours that compliments the boldness and complexity in cognacs. After all, that is why cognac is commonly sighted when having Chinese food.


The menu of the night are:

1) Double boiled American ginseng soup with fish maw
2) Braised sea cucumber with abalone
3) Steamed silver pomfret with golden mushroom and red dates
4) Roasted sesame scented chicken with hoi sin sauce
5) Fried fragrant jasmine rice in lotus leaf
6) Gold crested chocolate dome forest berry jelly with honey ice cream and coulis




Tonight is just one of those “nope-I-am-not-going-to-study-until-I-get-my-proper-8-hours-of-sleep” nights because 1) it has been such a long day of driving, running errands and attending a dinner event 2) the cognac has kicked into my system 3) I have done too much of talking and laughing, which is giving me a headache.


So cut yourself some slack, Samantha Chew Sue Mun. Go get some sleep. *pats self on the back*


A shameless bathroom selfie to commemorate 1) my first attempt on curling my hair all on my own 2) getting ready for such an event under 30 minutes

[P.S. Please bear with me while I continue boasting and feeling good about how my hair was very on point tonight. (THIS RARE OCCURRENCE IS AS RARE AS THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE)]


Cheers to the end of the week! x


2 thoughts on “Hennessy 250th Anniversary dinner

  1. Again, why am I not there for this?! *CRIES* But your post gives me just enough insight to the extravagant dinner, especially your review on the food pairing with the cognac. Your analysis is spot on, woman.

    And damn, you do look beautiful! We gon’ get dressy together for my graduation in December ❤

    • Hey, you’ve been to more events when I was away from home!

      Aww thanks, fats! It’s just based on my (very) minimal knowledge of cognac and from the conversations that I had with friends of the parents. Heh.

      Oh why yes, we are defo gonna get dressy in December 🙂 ❤

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