Sweet, sweet revenge



This is what happens to pompous pricks when they are being total jackasses to people.


I have never punched someone in the face before; the closest was a punch on the arm of my guy best friend that gave him a swelled bruise for a week. I certainly do not advocate for the need to get physical (not in THAT way) and violent, but sometimes a punch in the goddamn face is what someone deserves.


And the best part? The aftermath feels, I quote the above, fucking magnificent.



P.S. Shoutout to you, my bby girl. Good job in standing up for yourself and doing yourself (and some other people) a good favour! I am immensely proud of you. ❤


P.P.S. This totally made my morning. (I almost died laughing though).


2 thoughts on “Sweet, sweet revenge

  1. Oh my god I don’t even know if I should be proud or ashamed now as an advocate for non-violence!!!!!!!! (It still felt fucking magnificent though okay can I just say. HAHAHA) ❤ ❤ ❤ thank you bbygirl 😉

    • I’d say that you should be VERY proud; it was a very well-deserved punch. (Yes of course you can!! I’d be boasting about it for a while if I were you HAHAHA).

      Love you bby girl! See you SOON ❤

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