Ready, at last


This has been sitting in the Drafts section for months. Every time I attempt to finish what I’ve started, the tab remains opened, the title box filled but the text box empty, staring back at me.

But now I think I am ready to finish what I’ve started.

I finally had my actual wake up call, one that was delayed and snoozed for a year.

I know how hard I tried, and try as I may, there are just some things that are never going to be fixed.
I have come to terms with all that has happened.

I accepted the fact that we need distance and time for things to settle in.
That I should stop worrying about the what-if’s and the could-have-been’s.
That it’s okay to have a relapse once in a while.
That all the ebbing pain is slowly coming to a halt.
That I should focus on all the good things I am blessed with.

I decided to set fire to the bridge, after months of contemplation.
I do not want the flowers to be trampled all over again.
I do not want the Lego blocks to be destroyed anymore.

I finally said, “I think I’ve had enough. I am done.”




To the people that I love;
whether we have weekly catch-ups or years of silence,
whether in the present or the past,
whether too soon or too late,
there is always a place for you in my heart,


London – 16/8/2015 (Day 1)


I feel the need to share about my very first solo trip, but I did not want to do it on other social media platforms (I flooded my Instagram profile with too many photos already…). I suppose putting it up here would be best to commemorate one of the most enjoyable times of my life!



After some intense hours of last minute packing, a high-speed drive to the airport, massive queues at the luggage drop off counters and getting through security, I am ready to jet off to the other side of the world for my great escape!


See you in 12 days, home!


Greeted by the rush of cool breeze and long queues at the immigration in the ever-busy Heathrow Airport after a 12.5-hour flight, I took the tube from the airport to Central London to the hostel that I am putting two nights in. Generator Hostel is pretty swanky for a hostel and provides good facilities – do check them out!


Despite feeling loopy from a long haul flight, I am excited to meet a friend for dinner. I agreed to meet up with Adrian at the Earl’s Court tube station so that he can bring me to this Thai restaurant for dinner. Boy, it was so good to see a familiar face after travelling across continents for hours! 🙂 He brought me to Addie’s Thai Cafe and told me that they serve amazing authentic Thai food.


Adrian placed the order (saving me from being indecisive about what to have!), and I must say that the food was HEAVENLY GOOD! [No photos from me, because I was too tired / loopy / hungry to swipe out my phone]


Photo credits: Addie’s Thai Cafe


Thai-style iced tea


Yum Plamuek – sliced squid mixed with chopped chilli, garlic, shredded carrot, red onion, spring onion and Thai-style lemon dressing.


Pla Pad Prik-Sod – deep-fried cod fillet stir-fried with fresh chilli, minced garlic and morning glory (kangkung).


Poo Pad Prik Gler – stir-fried soft shell crab with chopped chilli, garlic, spring onions, salt and pepper.



Not a bad way to spend my first night of my solo adventure. Stay tuned for Day 2!