Mid-week reminder, part II







“That’s what I am here for. I’m here for you.”


“You’re always there when I needed someone. It has helped me a lot, how you love me. How you make me feel adequate, and perfect the way I am. It’s the love that I needed.”


“I love you in a way that I am selfless. I put you before my own needs, because you are that important to me. I may not love you like how she did, but I hope that it suffices for now.”



I hope that you feel adequate now.
I hope that you see how perfect you are in your own way.
I hope that the love you needed helped you to be who you are today.


But most importantly,
I hope that you give her all of your love, and so much more.




I am losing all the motivation to do a lot of things lately,
and that includes writing and having ‘me’ time.


I feel trapped,
and I am just really tired.


Tired of the same daily routine.
Tired of the demanding work hours at the parents’ restaurant.
Tired of dealing with the same crapload of bullshit.
Tired of my persistent belief in giving the benefit of the doubt.
Tired of hoping that someday, somehow, you’d somehow be the version of yourself that I’ve known all this time.


I want a time out; heck, I need one badly.
Is that even too much to ask?