Late Night Poetry, Part III




City lights under the clear night sky
and the twinkle in your eyes;
tell me,
what more can one ask for?



Restricted words


“Across from me,
she is so beautiful
even in the dimmest of lights.
Her smile,
too precious to be caught
by the lens of the camera,
is a privilege
to be photographed
in my memory.”


– 29/7/2015, “Words that are far too beautiful to be confined in dreams.”



I let myself stumble back,
into the colossal mess
that I swore to leave behind.
Just this once,
to succumb into the familiar emptiness
as the rays of the sun
peek from the horizon,
reminding me that the void
is still the reason why
I can’t get out of bed
on most mornings.


– 29/5/2015, “I have had better days, and I had worse.”